About AIA

AIA represents the hopes and aspirations of those immigrants who are united by their common bond of Indian heritage and American commitment.

AlA concerns itself with the social welfare of the Asian Indians who have decided to live in the United States, and to help them become a part of the mainstream of American life. To facilitate participation by the members of AlA and others in the development and progress of India, and To facilitate involvement of the members of the Asian Indian Community in American Community life through Charitable, Cultural and Educational activities.

Our President

Shashi S. Shah MD

Dr. Shashi S. Shah, MD is a member of the Association of Indians in America since 1974.

Dr. Shah has served AIA in various roles over many decades. He was President of AIA’s New York chapter, as well as Vice President and Treasurer of AIA National.

He is Chief of Urology and Chairman of Medical Leadership Council at Northwell Long Island Jewish Valley Stream Hospital, NY.

Served as Chairman and Board of Trustee of AAPI National, and the Chairman, Charitable Foundation of Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI- CF).

Dr. Shah has also been President, Rajasthan Medical Alumni Association (RAJMAAI), Vice President, Rajasthan Association of North America (RANA)

Mission Statement

The mission of the AlA is to foster and promote cultural and social interactions among the members and all those interested in Indian culture and heritage. The AlA will also strive to raise political awareness among its members and others regarding issues relevant to India and the people of Indian origin.

Historical Milestones

  • 1967


    The Association of Indians in America (AlA) is the oldest national association of Asian Indians in America. It was founded on August 20, 1967 after the United States Congress passed the Immigration Act during 1965-66, repealing the Asian Exclusion Act of 1917.

  • 1970

    AIA Constitution Adopted

    AIA adopts the democratic principles of "one member one vote", with chapters and membership spread across the United States of America.

  • 1973

    Acquiring tax-exempt status

    AlA obtains IRS exempt status.

  • 1993

    Earthquake Relief Operations

    AIA helps raise funds to help the victims of the earthquake in Maharashtra, Western India, in 1993.

  • 1993

    Sushruta and Charaka Awards

    Instituted in 1993 to recognize and honor people of Indian origin in the field of Medicine and Health Care.

  • 2005

    New York City Recognizes Deepavali as an official holiday

    In recognition of Diwali alternate street parking in the city of New York is suspended.

  • 2006

    White House celebrates Deepavali

    AIA facilitates the first celebration of Deepavali at the White House.

  • 2013

    Official USPS Deepavali Stamp Unveiled

    Resolution introduced in the House of Representatives advising USPS to issue a stamp commemorating Deepavali.

National Executive Committee

Shashi S. Shah, MD

Vice Presidents
Asmita Bhatia
Kamlesh Saini
Salil Mishra
Urmilesh Arya

Ram Khanna

Ajey Jain, MD

Members at Large
Ajay Lodha
Anil K Sharma
Anupam Goenka
Anurag Agarwal
Badri Lankelley
Bharati Palkhiwala
Hansa Ashar
Jaswant Modi
Jignesh Jagaria
Nand Kapoor
Naresh Bhasin
Naveen Mehan
Nishi Mallick
Nitin Saini
Prem Mehrotra
Rakesh K Gupta
Ravi Mehrotra
Ravi Prakash Singh
Rita Singh
S. Kanhouwa
Santosh Pandey
Satish Anand
Shobha Gupta
Sunil Mehra
Sunil Modi
Sushma Kotahwala
Tarun Wasil MD
U. Kumar
Virendra Gupta