Deepavali at New York’s South Street Seaport

For 28 years, The Association of Indians in America – NY Chapter (AIA-NY) has presented New York with an extravagant and beautiful cultural affair every year in the form of a large street festival in a true New York style at the iconic location of South Street Seaport.

Deepavali is our mainstay event drawing over 100,000 people every year. It showcases a wide array of culture, rich heritage and elegant customs that India has offered to the world for centuries.

The return of Lord Rama after his 14 years of exile is celebrated by this luminous and beautiful festival of lights. Deepavali or more popularly known as ‘Diwali’ is the most important festival in the Hindu religion. The lamps and lights particularly traditional dipa or deeya (earthen lamp) are lit symbolizing victory of good over evil and celebrating a hope for humankind.

  • Vendors
    Be part of a grand celebration at the iconic South Street Seaport in Downtown New York City and share your food, clothing, music or anything that you are proud of, to a market of 100,000 individuals!
  • Sponsors:
    The Deepavali Festival boasts an audience of 100,000 people year after year that range from infants to the elderly from not just New York City, but all over! Hundreds of vendors and performers are a part of this grand celebration.

The day-long fesitivities are supported and made possible by individuals and Sponsors that are proud of their culture and heritage and provide a platform as the Deepavali Festival to have a home away from home.

  • Members / Volunteers:
    Be part of the team that brings to New York City – the largest and most colorful Deepavali Festival with LIVE FIREWORKS!

To become a member, volunteer, intern or to find out eligibility to join the AIA-NY committee please email us at the following.